The digital systems service provider for Medios Group

Medios Digital is the embedded service provider of Medios Group. Medios Digital develops software and infrastructure solutions for Medios AG, focussing on logistics processes such as purchase, warehouse and distribution, as well as optimized trade processes with integrated client interfaces. Medios Digital’s main area of business is the development and implementation of software solutions for Medios Pharma GmbH.

Innovative Solutions in Specialty Pharma

Medios Digital is a first mover in developing innovative software for specialty pharma businesses and their partners. Our solutions promote an intelligence co-operation of all market participants, and an improved patient care in the long run.

High Aspirations

The most important object behind what we do is to simplify complex processes going along with the current digitalisation of our health system. We want to influence the way our health system will work in the future in order to improve patient care in the Specialty Pharma sector. We do that by bringing together different areas, including an optimised trade, patient-customized manufacturing as well as other related services for Pharma market players.

Innovative. Idealistic. Forward-Looking.

Medios Digital is a dynamically growing enterprise, deeply rooted within a group of innovative partners. We are idealists – with a clear view on pioneering technologies and practical coherencies. We’re working with the best in our industry and are always on the look-out for people that share our commitment, our ambitions and our high aspirations.